... and if by some small miracle we make it to the end of the day, we are surly haunted in our sleep...


Everything is so confusing.
I awaken with a head contusion.
And there's scrapes my arms, cuts and bruises.
And the shakes from all the blood I'm loosing.

There's a knife in my back needs removing and
a gash in head that needs suturing and
I can't lie still, think I'm loosing it and
that's when he tells me that I almost died.

That I almost died.
That I almost died.
That I almost died.

Clinically dead for a whole minute.
Reach for my head, there's a hole in it.
And the lights above are just so intense
and I can't lie still as they rush me in...


from The Rise & Fall of the Ottoman Empire, released November 24, 2009



all rights reserved


Mec Jagger Atlanta

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