Massive Buzzkill! - A voice message brings things back into focus. A reminder to retrieve the van left abandoned for a borrowed Uhaul. A last ditch effort to reign supreme has failed as there is no bend left in the branch. Alas, filled with a venom, all fades to black and both The Republic and The Empire crumble.


Beneath the sun that never sets, we learn to fight to the death
and if my sword should ever fail we'll meet you all in Jahanam.

If you want it, come and get, gotta take it how I got it.
If you'd ever been to Niss, they'd have told you all about it.
Raise your cup, raise your fist, raise your blade, I insist.
Isn't anyway around it, play with snakes you'll get bit say...

There is something seeping through me.
Getting cold and too dark to see.
Never reach 19 and 23.
What a way to spend halloween.


from The Rise & Fall of the Ottoman Empire, released November 24, 2009



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Mec Jagger Atlanta

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