"The Rise" sets the scene. Conjuring up the thirst and bloodlust of world dominating conquerers, is much like waking up to attack the day.

[ FOOTNOTE: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skull_Tower ]


Gonna reign on everything like a sun that won't fall. Anyone who disagrees I'll put their skull on my wall.
Cause I want it all!

Spew fire and brimstone, burning down his home,
beating our drums with their bones.

It never did take long picking out my throne,
covered in gems and precious stones.

Cause I want it all! I want it all!
Anything I want might as well be mine.
And we'll never fall! We'll never fall!
Kick behind like it's still 1299.


from The Rise & Fall of the Ottoman Empire, released November 24, 2009



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